Danute Petrauskaite

Life and Works of a Musicologist

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Curriculum Vitae

I was born on October 15, 1952, in Vilnius, Lithuania. From 1953 to 1973, I lived in Kaunas, and there I finished High School No 12, and later, the Kaunas Juozas Gruodis Music School (the present Juozas Gruodis Conservatoire). In 1973 - 1978, I studied History of Music at the Lithuanian State Conservatoire (the present Academy of Music). After graduating from it, I lived in Vilnius and worked as a music editor in the Music Department of Lithuanian TV for two years.
From 1980, when I moved to Klaipeda, I have been teaching subjects of musicology at the Klaipëda Faculties of the Lithuanian State Conservatoire (the present Arts Faculty of the University of Klaipeda). In 1986, I started studying the history of musical life and music pedagogy in the region of Klaipeda, and in 1987, I started an extra-mural post-graduate course in Theory and History of Pedagogy at the University of Vilnius. I graduated from it in 1992, and in 1993, I completed a PhD thesis in Educology “Klaipeda Music School as a Pedagogical System and its Significance for Musical Education in Lithuania in the Period between Two World Wars”. At that time I was interested in the first modern Lithuanian composers as Jeronimas Kacinskas and Vytautas Bacevicius, who were well known composers not only in Lithuania but in Europe too. I published a number of articles and works about them, and in 1987, I joined the Lithuanian Composers’ Association as a musicologist.
In 1991, I was doing research work in the Lithuanian Studies and Research Centre in Chicago, in the Putnam “Alka” archives near Boston, and the result of my research was a book “Jeronimas Kac inskas: Life and Musical Activities”, published in Vilnius in 1997. Now this book is enough popular in Lithuania and in Boston. (You can read about it in the Internet: http://www.channel1.com/users/gsilvis/jk.htm). Having supplemented my PhD thesis with new materials, I wrote a book “The Klaipeda Music School in 1923 - 1939”. In 1995, it was awarded Dr. Vydunas Prize of the Foundation of Lithuania Minor, and it was published in 1998 in Klaipeda. In the same year, my research on the Lithuanian exile singer Prudencija Bickiene was published in Chicago.
I published more than 50 articles in Lithuania and the USA, made a number of reports in International Conferences. I am a member of the International “Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies”. In 1994, I became Associate Professor at Klaipëda University. Since 2001 I am the Director of Musicology Institute at Klaipeda Universtiy. The last years I gave the biggest attention to the music activities of Lithuanians in the USA. The most famous Lithuanian composers in North America were Jeronimas Kacinskas and Vytautas Bacevicius. They started using atonality in their compositions and tried to change the stagnation point of nationality view in music. The newest work of mine is the article about the composer and pianist Vytautas Bacevicius, which is published in the book about him.
Lithuania became a new member of EU in 2004. My aim now is to acquaint old members of EU and other countries with Lithuanian music culture (traditional and professional), with Lithuanian music history from 15th until 21st centuries, to show a development of music ideas, to introduce the most famous Lithuanian composers. I gave lectures on this subject at the universities of Greifswald in Germany and Alicante in Spain. If you are interested in knowing more about Lithuanian music, please feel free to write me:danutele@yahoo.com

My Books

  1. Jeronimas Kacinskas. Gyvenimas ir muzikine veikla. (Jeronimas Kacinskas: life and music activities). Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 1997, 562 p.
  2. Klaipedos muzikos mokykla 1923–1939 . (Klaipeda Music School in 1923–1939). Klaipeda: Klaipedos universiteto leidykla, 1998, 334 p.
  3. Prudencija Bickienë. Chicago: Draugas, 1998, 67 p.
  4. Petras Armonas: in the Crossroads of Musical Cultures. Klaipeda: Muzikologijos institutas, 2005, 168 p.

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